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Why Invisalign are Better Than Convectional Braces

In addition to looking unsightly, misaligned or crooked teeth can make brushing quite difficult. Failure to clean teeth properly can cause periodontal diseases which in turn risk jawbone damage, gum damage and tooth loss. One way of aligning teeth properly involves wearing teeth braces. However, ordinary braces can be painful to wear, uncomfortable and less attractive. Adults in Queens can be particularly embarrassed having to wear them. An ideal alternative involves wearing Invisalign clear braces. Below is a look at why Invisalign Queens are better than convectional braces.

The Invisalign system is designed in a way that it corrects minor and moderate orthodontic problems. It utilizes several clear aligners made of plastic to gradually move teeth into the correct position. A notable advantage of Invisalign is that it assists in quickly straightening teeth in the most subtle manner possible. When worn, it is virtually impossible for the naked eye to see these clear plastic aligners. They must be removed when drinking and eating, while it is also possible to remove them for special occasions.

Metal braces are known to cause a mouth’s appearance to be unattractive since the mouth will be full of awkward chunks of metal. They are particularly noticeable when worn by adults, and food can get caught in them without the wearer even noticing it. Invisalign braces can barely be noticed. Their appearance is such that an individual is not wearing them at all. This means they are much more attractive when compared to metal braces.

Ordinary braces are made up of protruding bits of wires and metals that are likely to scratch and puncture gums and the insides of mouth. On the other hand, Invisalign braces are usually smooth and comfortable. The manner in which they are designed means that they do not have any protruding bits, edges or sharp objects. Ordinary metal braces can trigger tooth decay and demineralization. In addition, a lot of force is applied for them to straighten teeth. In the case of clear aligners, this problem is not there. Overall, Invisalign braces minimize the damage that usually results from wearing braces, such as cavities and gum disease, don’t believe me? Ask Smile Queens for some expert advice.

Considering that it is possible to remove Invisalign aligners, wearers have a much easier time maintaining excellent oral health, preventing tooth decay and minimizing plaque accumulation. This way, they help grown up Queens dental patients avoid the embarrassment that comes with wearing convectional braces.

Invisalign braces are known to straighten teeth much faster. A resident of Queens who decides to go for metal braces may expect the treatment to last as long as five years. Invisalign only takes between a year and eighteen months to work its magic and straighten teeth. In addition, there are no surprises as the wearer knows what to expect. This is because when dental patients are undergoing treatment planning for Invisalign, the process is fully computerized. Thus, the patients know the exact amount of time they will require braces before they can start wearing them. Metal braces usually involve a trial-and-error process that does not give a clear idea of what to expect.